How to Franchise Seven Eleven – All You Need to Know About 7-Eleven Franchising

How to Franchise Seven Eleven – All You Need to Know About 7-Eleven Franchising

My name is Mary and I’ll be walking you through some pretty cool facts and figures about franchising with seven eleven which by the way is a lot easier than you think. It’s so easy we coined a new word for it franchisees what else would you expect feel free to grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable. I’ve got my cherry Slurpee drink and some great stuff to share but first a little history. Let’s go back to 1927 and uncle Johnny Jefferson greens bright idea just like that one idea launched an entire convenience revolution that shows no signs of slowing down. Today our vision is to be the best retailer of convenience and our mission is to focus on consistently serving the changing needs of customers. Really that’s the whole reason 7-eleven leads the way in convenience our customers needs are our focus. Joe dipinto 7-elevens president and CEO said it best if we don’t serve the customer someone else will and we’ve done a great job staying true to our five fundamentals assortment quality cleanliness value and service. That’s how you grow from a single Icehouse to more than 60,000 stores worldwide and if you don’t mind we have a few more accomplishments to brag about name. A top 10 franchising list and there’s a good chance 711 is on it. We also consistently ranked as a military-friendly company and speaking of achievements we pride ourselves in coming in first in other ways too. Since we’ve always been driven by innovation we’ve ended up with an impressive list of firsts being able to buy a cup of coffee to go at 4 a.m. With the money you got from an ATM that was kind of our idea and the list keeps growing we have plenty of time to think up new ideas seriously we are open 24/7

Now let’s talk about that industry we created today people are crazy busy which is why we have an economy that operates around the clock and why convenience stores are doing so well. Who doesn’t want in on a six hundred and eighty billion dollar a year industry you also get to make all those crazy busy people happy owning a franchise that offers multiple products, allows you to meet a variety of customer wants and needs.
Now let’s talk about why 7-eleven is consistently ranked a top 5 franchisor we have a strong global brand one that’s known and loved around the world our business model is turnkey 7-eleven provides the store land and equipment plus extensive training and support from our pros startup is fast you can be up and running in three to six months that’s fast, we understand the value of technology we’ve invested millions to provide you with software and processes that streamline your business and tailor your inventory to your neighborhood. Our gross profit split means we’re as invested as you are rather than sharing royalties on sales we share profits. Your success is as important to us as it is to you and the training and support we give our franchisees can have a big impact on their success. We provide help with day-to-day details so you can focus on what matters most your customers. Our franchisees also benefit from our big buying power. This means great prices for customers and maximize profits for franchisees and here’s something you won’t find anywhere else. Our private brand products are a real game changer for franchisees yeah double-digit sales increase and wider profit margins we’d say that’s a big deal so if you’re thinking this sounds appealing, you should know there are three ways to franchise with 7-eleven.

First you can go the traditional single store route it’s a great way for franchisees to learn the business. But, who knows one store may lead to other locations, it happens all the time our business conversion program is a great option for anyone with an existing convenience store, gas station or just a nice plot of land just keep in mind that the gross profit split varies from our traditional franchising model. Seven-eleven doesn’t pay property or rent costs on conversions and our multiple store franchise model may be a fit for experienced business owners who would like to take on a little more. Multiple locations aren’t for everyone and there are a few more requirements to qualify but they can be a great way to quickly reach more ambitious business goals now which option best fits you sweet now let’s talk about what kind of investments we’re both looking at first from your perspective after the franchise fee you’ll pay the down payment on initial inventory and supplies and the initial cash register fund to get started you’ll also be responsible for the necessary licenses permits and bonds when you franchise 7:11 pays for all of this take your time drink it in I’m not going anywhere the bottom line is our turnkey franchise model can definitely save you a few of the headaches of business ownership and here’s your end of the bargain whatever direction people are interested in there’s one question we get all the time how much money will I make as a franchisee well we’ve got a question for you how much do you want to make there are several factors that influence your earning potential location your ability to grow sales customer loyalty and of course a great work ethic and remember that gross profit split we talked about earlier here’s how it all breaks out don’t let it give you brain freeze it’s not that complicated we take your net sales and after the cost of goods is subtracted we split the gross profits once expenses have been accounted for you keep your share 7/11 reinvests its share back into the business we see we really are invested in your success of course you can discuss our gross profit split in detail with a live person later as far as your franchise investment goes please don’t let money stand in the way we’ve got options like our internal financing program it’s a unique program to help you with the initial cost of franchising most other franchisors simply won’t offer that kind of assistance that’s cold we also offer our Xero franchise fee program for stores in select markets which is popular with business minded entrepreneurs who love a challenge and because military vets are such a perfect fit for our business model we’ve got discounts and incentives to make it easier to get started also take a look at our gross income support programs we are here to help you succeed and keep you on your feet curious to see what the road to franchise ownership looks like step 1 review your qualification criteria don’t worry we’ll talk about these in a second step 2 head on over to our website to apply if everything looks good a franchise sales representative will invite you to talk business step 3 you’ll have the opportunity to take a few assessments and discuss your results with your franchise sales representative step 4 pick your store or stores if you’re interested in franchising multiples this is a big step the neighborhood you select will be the community you take care of as well as the community that takes care of you step 5 we make you an offer if you accept our offer the agreement is signed and it’s official step 6 you’ll fly to the 7-eleven store Support Center in Dallas Texas for some cool training step 7 this is the fun part we’ll alert the press about a grand opening and while your neighborhood stands in line waiting for their first Slurpee drink you get the keys that unlock the door and get the party started from the time you complete your application to the date of your big grand opening it takes approximately 3 to 6 months not bad for a brand new career I told you it’s one of the fastest startups in the industry and our training it’s some of the coolest you’ll find and once you’re finished you’re going to know exactly how to run your store like a boss so enough about us let’s talk about you every franchisee is unique which we love but to join our team you’ll need to start by being able to answer yes to these questions it’s the first step in your seven-eleven journey you can always find each of those 7 convenient steps to franchise ownership along with these requirements on our website of course we’ll need a little more information to make sure we’re a great fit but that can come later and this is where we wrap things up for now there’s always more to talk about so let’s keep the conversation going in the meantime think about attending one of our seminars there’s a list of upcoming locations on our website or just go ahead and start the application process today there’s no commitment and you’ll get personalised answers to all your questions, remember it really is easier than you think oh my gosh that was good. 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